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Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Us. We will ask you some qualifying questions (location, number of employees, etc.) to determine if it is appropriate for your company to participate. If eligible, we will assign you a user ID and password.

Non-participants may purchase the results via the Shop Surveys screen.

Survey participants may order complementary online access to the survey results for all regional surveys in which they participate.  To be considered a participant, and to receive the survey results at no charge, you must have entered required data in the Demographics page, required and applicable data in the Benefits pages, and Pay data in the applicable jobs.  All three of these must be completed for you to receive the results.

You must be logged in to enter data.

General Instructions

Click on item in the left frame and the resulting page will appear in the right (major portion) of your screen.

To begin the survey, click Questionnaire on the left, read the info on the right.

Demographics Questionnaire

Enter the data and click Save My Information.  Click OK on the popup confirmation screen.

Jobs Questionnaire

The overall survey process is to match the jobs in all families that you can in your organization via the Match Job Positions link.  Once that is done and saved, go to the Job Data Entry Worksheet link to view and print out or export your matches.  You have some options at the top of this screen to get the jobs in different sort orders that make the most sense to you and how your internal systems work. Select the options you want and click refresh to see the change.  Click Print on the top left of the screen or click Export (under Refresh button) to export your matches to a spreadsheet.  Use this printed form or spreadsheet to gather your data.  When you have your data together, log into the site and use the Enter Job Data link to either type the info into the system or upload job data.  This screen will default to the same sorts you selected for your worksheet so you can enter data continuously or you can change the sort if you would like.

Benefits Questionnaire

Click the benefits topic on the left, enter the data on the right and click Save My Information.  Click OK on the popup confirmation screen.  Go on to the next benefits topic.

When the benefits, demographics and jobs sections of the survey are completed, use the “I’m Finished. Submit My Data” link to enter your data for checking and processing.  At the end of this process, you will be provided the link to order the complementary results.

No. All information will be reported in summary form and no company specific data will be disclosed. The only place your company name will be revealed is one page listing in alphabetical order all participating company's names only. There will be no way anyone can relate your company name to any specific data. Refer to the Privacy Policy for more information on this topic.
You will get your local survey results via unlimited password protected online access.   PDF, MS Excel (salary data only), hard-copy print format and/or our new Online Web Access with Customized Market Analysis results are also available at drastically discounted participant rates.

More about survey formats
See our Browser Information for information on which browsers are supported by our site.
You can participate in multiple surveys to receive the results in the areas that are relevant to your company. Follow these steps.
  1. For your first location, log in using the generic login name and password that was provided to you.
    1. If you have participated previously, select "Yes" when asked. You will then be prompted to enter the login name and password you used for the previous survey(s). Skip to step 3 below.
    2. If you have not participated previously, select "No" when prompted. You will then enter your demographic information. You will also enter a new login name and password of your choosing.
  2. For your next location, log in again using the generic login name and password that was provided you. This time, when asked if you have participated previously, answer "Yes".
  3. Provide the login name and password you entered in step 1b above (or that you used for your previous survey).
  4. You will then see the demographic information you entered in step 1b above (or from your the prior survey you participated in). You can change this as necessary (ie a different contact name for each facility) for each of your locations -- separate demographic information is stored for each survey you participate in. Important: Make sure you select the proper county from the list of counties.
Repeat steps 2 - 4 above for each of your locations.

When you login using the login name and password you created, you will see a link on the top left of the web page allowing you to select which survey you want to work on. You then will participate in each of those surveys to get their results.

The data you enter should be specific to that location. For example, if you have employees in Tampa Bay and in Miami: you would enter the pay and benefit information for the Tampa Bay employees in the Tampa Bay Wage & Benefit Survey then enter pay and benefit information for the Miami employees into the South Florida Wage & Benefit Survey. Home | FAQ | Privacy Policy | Other Policies & Information | About Security at SalarySurveyOnline