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Know exactly what the market is paying - and what you should be doing about it!


Businesses require up-to-date employee salary and benefits data to attract and retain talent.  Trust the professionals at Salary Survey Online to provide comprehensive, accurate, and confidential wage and benefits information that targets your specific geographic area.


Each salary survey benchmarks more than 350 positions in 17 industries, complete with job descriptions to ensure a true match.  Establish and manage your compensation strategies using the in-depth employee benefits reports.


Each salary guide uses pay information from employers in your geographic area.  Once collected, all survey data is extensively reviewed and audited to guarantee accuracy and consistency.


Employers trust Salary Survey Online to provide a secure environment for data exchange.  We demand complete confidentiality in every transaction to ensure reliability in our surveys.

Each salary survey from Salary Survey Online is available in a variety of formats to fit your needs.  In today's ever-changing labor market, it pays to make informed employment decisions.  Count on Salary Survey Online to help keep you competitive and profitable.

Custom Surveys

Let the professionals at Salary Survey Online customize a salary survey for your industry, association, profession, or geographic area.  As a recognized industry leader, we have the resources to get you the competitive salary comparison data you need in less than 90 days!  To learn more, contact Salary Survey Online.

Salary Survey Online is a strategic partner with Effective Resources, Inc., a full-service tactical HR consulting firm that offers a variety of solutions tailored for the success of your business.  Whether it's complete compensation administration, affirmative action plans, performance management or more, count on the professionals at Effective Resources to be an integral part of your company's personnel strategy.  To learn more about us, visit our web site at Home | FAQ | Privacy Policy | Other Policies & Information | About Security at SalarySurveyOnline